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Common Q&As About Dating

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Here are a few signs that a relationship is going badly:

Your partner doesn’t trust you or you don’t trust your partner

This is a very serious matter; trust is the most important thing in any situation in our life. As a couple, trust is the one thing you cannot live without. If you have problem trusting each other that is very difficult to fix, if not too later run now!

Action is more than words

If your partner tells you he/she loves you, however, the actions he/she shows you are totally opposite or makes you wonder, or makes you sad, please believe what you see instead of what you hear.

You and your partner don’t have the same goals

When you two don’t have the same goals on family, financial issues for the future, you might want to look closely at if there any reasons to stay in this relationship. A couple is a union, a team, and they should have the same goals in life otherwise they will go in different directions and we know what that will lead to.

Go with your gut feeling – your sixth senses!

At any time in your relationship if you feel that something is not right – trust yourself as it likely you are right. Nothing is more important than your gut feeling. You do not need to explain to yourself or make any excuses in any way shape or form. Always trust your gut feeling, no matter how difficult it may be, walk away. If you are not sure, check out my eBook – Dating after Divorce or Dating to Marriage, many and most of the answers about the dating and commitment you can find in there.

You can’t tell your family or friends about the things your partner does

If this is the case, most likely your relationship isn’t healthy. If you have to invent things or you can’t tell the truth about your partner to everyone around you, that means you think something isn’t right, otherwise you would be proud to tell. If you are worried about others finding out what your partner does, you likely don’t care about what she/he does or totally don’t like it.

If there are too many things you want your partner to change

Each individual is different, as a couple we do need to be more acceptable to one another. No one can really change who he or she is although we always can improve ourselves in many ways. If there too many things you want your partner to change, you may be better off finding a new one that has everything or most of things you are looking for. To learn how to find and identify such a person, check out my eBook – Dating after Divorce or Dating to Marriage. You will learn very detailed strategies every step of the way, what you need to do and look for in a person. Don’t waste time dating the wrong person again and again.

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