Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) 

In situation You have any problems please Look threw the F.A.Q. at this page. It consists of common overall and comprehensive info, here could be the answers to the matters You may have.

Publishing profiles and Registration

Q. - How much it charges to register on datingtomarriage.com?
A. - It charges nothing, register now and enjoy viewing beautiful dame's profiles with photos.

Q. -  What if I initiate correspondence with a lady and wrote her letter first?
A. - If you initiate correspondence with any lady - the reply letter from a lady will be paid to open. 

Q. - What way can I set up my profile at datingtomarriage.com?
A. - Click "Register" link. We advise you to fulfill as many fields on your profile as you can. Please upload some photos, better recent ones. It will help dames to feel more comfortable and free communicating with You.

Q. - Will it be necessary to pay money immediately after registration?
A. - No. It is free to look threw the dames' photos and read incoming letters.

Q. - If a dame wants to register, how could she do that? 
A. - Please connect to our support; send your contact info, phone number and email. You will receive the directions. 

Q. - Are there any restraints for the photos here?
A. - Sure. It is strictly prohibited morally indecent photos (nakedness, violence). Also the photo should be good-quality. And it is desirable to be recent and attractive. Please notice that the datingtomarriage.com has right to refuse the photos which don't meet these demands. 

Q. - I would like to delete my profile.
A. - Please connect the support. Notice that all your info and photos will be deleted from the site irrevocably.

Q. - I would like to put my contact info on my profile. May I?
A. - It is prohibited. The site has right to block your profile if you foul this rule. 
Please look threw our Terms of Use for more specifications.


Q. - Is membership charged? 
A. - At datingtomarriage.com You may give the fee only for the services which are used by You. Here the membership is free in opposition to other dating sites.

Common Questions

Q. - Do you have the mission of the Dating To Marriage company?
A. - Yes. Datingtomarriage is a mediator between single gentlemen from all corners of the world and dames from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. We supply on-line relations improvements for dames and gentlemen to find each other in this world and be in touch with each other. Our primary aim is to assemble single gentlemen and dames under one roof and afford them a fortune to progress their relations.

Q. - What is the age of youngest women here?
A. - Inferior limit for age is 18 years old.

Q. - How can I find a specific dame's profile?
A. - Here are different seek options: height and weight, body type, hair and eyes color and many others criteria You can use. To start go to home page, click the "Search" button and choose the profiles for viewing.

Q. - I am newcomer at this site. Are all dames here genuine?
A. - Before publishing on datingtomarriage.com all new dame's profiles are attentively and scrupulously verified with their interview and documents copies. Scammers and fakes are being kept out of the site thanks to our proficients.

Q. - Is it probable to sign up a 16 y.o. person?
A. - We are sorry, but no way. Come back in 2 years.

Q. - I want to view all dames' pictures in the gallery, why I can’t?
A. - It means that you haven’t registered at the datingtomarriage.com. Please pass the registration and you will have the access for the other pictures.

Q. - I'm in wife searches. Is it probable to find a wife among the dames at the site? are they serious?
A. - Yes, it is possible. You have high chances to find a wife here, because many of Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women at this site are in husband searches. Check the field "Aim of acquaintance" on dames' profiles and you will clear up what aims the certain dame has.

Q. - What way do dames appear here?
A. - Our site has created intercommunion with Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian marriage agencies. The dames you can find in our gallery are customers of such our partner marriage agencies. Datingtomarriage doesn't have any personal relations with the dames you contact to on the datingtomarriage.com.

Q. - I am not looking for a wife. I would like finding foreigner friends and that's all. Is it probable?
A. - Of course.

Q. - Gentlemen of what locality are greatly interested in Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian dames?
A. - Gentlemen from western Christian countries - Canada and USA, Australia, Western Europe.

Q. - What are the age of these gentlemen?
A. - At datingtomarriage.com we have both dames and gentlemen from variety age groups, thus everybody has great chances.

Q. - I want to find out if she knows English. How can I?
A. - It is possible, check the field "English Level" in a dame's profile.

Q. - I didn’t find an extensive response in the F.A.Q. 
A. - Please connect our support crew.

Q. - Why can’t I correspond via emails instead of the site?
A. - Here are the specific causes for that. The most part of our dames don't speak English good enough and use the comfortable easy translation svc. The crew of the datingtomarriage.com does the best to ensure safeness of our clients. Also we are strict and consecutive with anti-scam policy. The site's officers unreservedly screen the correspondence and enucleate scam impingement. Thus on the one hand we preclude any happenings of scam (with monitoring dames activity at the site and checking their documents and profiles). On the other hand - we defend the dames from "sex tourists", skin-deep gentlemen, fiscally unstable gentlemen, sexual or indictable offenders. You can't imagine how many people of this sort we come upon.

Q. - Why must I pay here when there are free sites on the net?
A. -That's right. In case you want more communication, you could find numerous free sites on the net. We are particularized in serious relationships and dating. Datingtomarriage.com helps the customers - we organize real life appointments with dames. We propose high quality service , Video Presentations, Gifts Delivery. We check dames, which helps to protect hearts and vallets of gentlemen. And our clients are greatly thankful for all of that. 

Q. - Are your women clients informed of what I write to administration? Do I have a chance to ask the administration about anything secret? 
A. - Yes, you can completely lean on datingtmarriage.com. We ensure the confidentiality of your communications with us or with dames at the site. We will keep your secrets of course.

Q. - Are you interested in a bug? Shall I inform you if I find the one at your site?
A. - Yes, please. We are in the process of improving our site all the time and rectify all errors as soon as it is appeared. Contact our support to message spout the bug.

Q. - If I communicate with a dame and suspect that she is not serious. Shall I message about them?
A. - Yes, please. All your reports are very useful for us. In case you think that a dame isn't serious about marriage, please let us know via support.

Q. - What actions should be done if a dame asked me to send money?
A. - Of course at first we are asking you not to send her any money! And the second - please report this dame. It is strictly prohibited to seek for monies on datingtomarriage.com. Such behavior is found as scam.

Credits and Payments (CP)

Q. - I want to use all your services  (live chat, exchanging letters, etc)?
A. - For using services some credits should be bought.

Q. - What are the credits and how do it runs?
A. - For using services purchase some credits. The credits scheme of work is similar to a pre-paid telephone card. You pay only for svc not membership and additional fees. All prices for the svc are listed in credits. Having bought some credits, they will never lapse.

Q. - How to buy credits?
A. - Go to account menu and click "Buy Credits", select the number of credits you would like to get. As more credits you buy the more discount you receive. You can be always informed of your balance in your account.

Q. - Today I bought xxx credits. But they haven’t arrived at my account. I had a successful payment. 
A. - In such occasion please inform us.
It could happen when your account remains still not credited because of your last transactions were under overlook and then temporally kept. The overlook process takes up to 24 hrs. For this 24 hours we are incapable to append credits to your account. Legal payments are not usually kept this way. It is needed to save from fraudulent transactions. It could happen because your location was recently changed. Or you are applying another person's computer. Also the reason could be in our site operations only completed payments. And we can't operate the transaction until it is fully cleared and all holds are removed.

Q. - Will my credit card be charged automatically by your site after my first purchase?
A. - No. It is only you who can buy credits. Without your will we will never charge your credit card. 

Q. - I was asked to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. Do I have to do that?
A. - Yes. Sometimes our operating bank asks to fill the credit card authorization forms. It happens when customers did atypical paying. Your completion of this authorization form helps us to avoid credit card fraud. All info entered on this form will be filed to our operating bank under strict confidentiality. Your card will never be auto billed.


Q. - Is it possible to make attachments to letters on the site?
A. - As for attaching photos - 1 photo per letter. Other kinds of attachments will not get through.

Q. - May I send my contact info in my letters, email or phone number?
A. - It's prohibited by our policy to send in the letters your contact info (emails, phone numbers, etc). Anyway our filtration system will carve this info out. Also your profile can be deactivated. You can get your dame's contact info in another way. You can request it from the site.

Q. - Presentation Letters (PL). What is it?
A. - PL are pre-written letters. They are sent by a dame to all gentlemen who approaches her age criteria. Their mission is to attract attention to a dame and inspire to start correspondence. In other words, a dame "presents" herself. In case any of these PL draw your concern you can respond and continue communion.

Q. - I can speak a bit Ukrainian, Belarus or Russian. Is it possible to write letters in with Cyrillic letters?
A. - Yes. Datingtomarriage.com completely supports Cyrillic letters and you can write in Ukrainian, Belarus or Russian.

Delivery of the Gifts

Q. - I am asking you to convey a present to my dame. Tell me the terms of bringing.
A. - In most occasions it will be conveyed in the term of five days. But in some situations due to circumstances outside our control it could take more.

Q. - Can I be sure that my gift will be conveyed to my dame?
A. - We will take some photos of the dame holds the gift. Then will be send to you as a verification.

Q. - What are the peoples' holidays in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia when dames usually obtain presents?
A. - New Year (January, 01), the St. Valentine's Day (February, 14), and the International Women's Day (March, 08) when gentlemen give presents to dame.

Q. - What way can I choose a gift for a dame?
A. - Go to dame's profile. Click "Send a gift", then choose among flowers, toys, perfumes, etc. Also it is possible to choose a special exclusive gift which is not in the list. For this contact site's support..

Contacts Details (CD) & Real-Life Meetings 

Q. - What does contain the personal dame's info?
A. - It contains dame's full name, her mobile number and her postal address.

Q. - I would like to get Contact Details (CD) of a dame from the site. How can I do that?
A. - You should go following steps:
- Open the dame's profile;
- Click the button "Request Contact Info"; 
- Follow the directions. 
Next that your request for purchasing connection info will be directioned to one of our envoy in Ukraine/Belarus/Russia. If the dame doesn't mind giving her CD to you, you will receive the respond soon. 

Q. - Is there any base for referring a request for CD of a dame?
A. - Yes. It is necessary from gentleman to read at least 15 paid letters from a dame. It is necessary as a respect to a dame, for she could knew you better before make a decision about personal contact. If a dame doesn't know a gentleman well enough she could decline the request though after communicating and knowing each other better these two could fall in love with each other. Dames could feel uncomfortable when declines the request, also a gentleman could get offended and stop communicating. So 15 letters is the necessary minimum. But! If a dame wants to give her personal info before 15 letters you could send the request that moment without completing 15 letters requirement. In that case it will cost you 120 credits.

Q. - When the request for CD of a dame X has been send, how long should I wait?
A. - It takes 4-5, on rare occasions up to 7 days for our agent in Ukraine/Belarus/Russia to contact the dame to precise her CD and to ask her permittance on sharing her CD with you. Please be patient.