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Request for a Direct Contact & IMBRA :

In occasion you require dame’s direct Contact Details (CD):

- If you are the citizen or national of US complete the IMBRA form.
Click here to download requisite instructions and the form.

- You can request the CD after you have opened 15 (fifteen) paid letters from a dame. 
Notice that the presentation letter (PL) of a dame doesn’t count and it was free. 

- After your request we will connect the dame and ask her permittance to give you her CD. It would be better for you to get the permittance from your dame before you request. 

 Notice! Exchanging CD via communicating system is prohibited! (Even in occasion a gentleman has 15 unclosed letters from a dame). 
Please contact us to exchange such info with a dame! 

In occasion a gentleman tries to write a dame his contact info like phone number, email address, skype or other info in “encoded” form (for example written backwards): it doesn’t work. It will only be a waste of time.

Before the officially exchange of CD the contacts between members beyond are prohibited. Beyond contacts include: social network, emulated dating websites, skype, etc. 

This is prohibited for both gentleman and dame. Also it is prohibited for a dame to respond gentleman's attempts to outwit our rules. 
Notice! If somehow you were contacted outside by a person stating to be a dame from this site - please be careful since this could be an attempt of scam. 

All of the above refers only prior to your officially exchanging contact info. Past the exchange of contacts officially you are free to intercommunicate out of our involvement. 


"TRUST LEVEL" on a dame's profile. Explanation.

The TRUST LEVEL (TL) is a plausibility rating evaluation. It is definited and assigned to a dame's profile by our personnel. A cooperator rates a cross-section page on one or larger of multifold balance: scans of passport's sections, live bout, tel. converse, online or typed broadcast, letters and messages interrelation. Partly are grated accordingly to the personnel own verdicts and partly accordingly to the responsiveness and feedback we obtain judging from gentlemen. United these ratings compose the TL on a dame's profile.

Each evaluation totes varied capacity, for example: live bout is greatly significant than scans of passport's sections. The precise receipt is intricate and confidential undercover ranked, thus it is impossible to apply it to enhance the level falsely in vitro.

The 100% of TL indicates that we have obtained eventual resolute evidences and testimonies that abaft the profile is a genuine veritable dame. Also that means that the dame herself emerges all her communion intercourses.

Naturally this does not indicate that anybody with TL lesser than 100% is automatically counterfeit or stumer, fraudful or knavish. It is only when TL is 40% or less you should be on the alert.

Note that the lack of the TL isn't the idem as a weak TL. A dame's profile does not have the TL by omission and may never get one, unless we would be given establishments to rate it.


Our Services (svc):

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Would you love to contact some dame right now? Check out who is online now & send some letters to them or invite to chat! When a dame is online it is seen by the status icon on the dame’s profile. As well as on the member lists in searched results. 
The "online" icon a side from dame's name shows online status. 

Use the button "Add to Favorites" which you can find under the Main Picture of the profile of a dame when you are viewing at search results, listings dames' profiles. Clicking this button you will do accurately what it refers. "Your Favorites" is a list of dames who have caught your interest.  In case you want to remove dames from your Favorites click on the "Remove from favorites". 

In case you have any problems contact our support!

Hope you're enjoying our services!