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This Agreement (The Concord) elucidates the rapport between Datingtomarriage.com (Dating To Marriage) and its participants (members).
By clicking “Register” on the registration forms, You confirm Your compliance of all the conditions, rules, policies of privacy, terms and guidelines on the Website. Withal that means your registration on the Datingtomarriage.com and start to have all the possibilities, opportunities and rights as all other our participants.
All cooperators of our company do everything possible for you could get gratification from our creation.
After your enrollment registry on the datingtomarriage.com you become a participator of this site, the Agreement (The Concord) enter into force.
Please read Agreement closely attentively, as it is the Concord between You as a participator of the site datingtomarriage.com and Dating To Marriage company.
Please notice! If you do not assume these conditions, rules, policies of privacy, you have an afford not to apply this Service (svc) and should not proceed the registry.
All the information, videos, words and texts, photos (the content) you are publishing or will publish at datingtomarriage.com or send to Participants of our site in letters or another possible ways is on your responsibility.
Notice! Strictly ban for posting the offensive content, the content which includes rabidity, racialism, intolerance, hate or violation outrage of whatsoever kind contra human. The content which displays obvious sexually explicit material of whatsoever kind, pornographic, insures training, instructional leading info about illegal illicit outlaw actions such as creating or purchase illegal weapons, contravention someone's intimacy or peculiar privacy or private property, intrusion or composing computer viruses.
Please be attentively and careful.
Datingtomarriage.com is an international website for communication. We assure the service for women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The Dating To Marriage is not a marriage agency. It is not propose or provide any services of the marriage agency to attendance.
We charge users for the use and applying of online communication instruments and tools. Dating to Marriage has no personal relationship with the women.
We charge attendance users for applying online communication communion intercourse facilities. Dating To Marriage doesn’t have any personal relations or traffics with the women on the site. Our site is a platform with services for registered members, such as letters and online chat. We are not liability and responsible for the demeanor conduct behavior of women, and we can not give a warranty all women are genuine.
The website datingtomarriage.com allows to get acquainted between participants of the site with site services (svc), letters or online chat (for only registered members).
As all other sites datingtomarriage.com could have some errors or operate with some interruption, but we are guarantee that we would eliminate errors and establish the work of the site f.a.c. very fast.
After reading this Agreement (The Concord) you consent and except the service is provided as is. You presume and except responsibility for apply of the site also the use of all the info posted on it. It is not warranted the accordance and suppleness with personal settings or match the service requirements of the users.
4. CHARGES (fees, dues)
Some of our svc is not free, the payment is taken for the exchange of messages and words in chat online, sending gifts and letters that reads the participant (but not the 1st letter, it is free), request of a contact information. You could view the costs for the svc. - go to "BUY CREDITS" charter.
We have right to vary and revise the svc's purchase price anywhen. After the info of novations are located for public on the site - changes immediately come into force.
Notice! Before You start your participantship on the datingtomarriage.com please learn the info about the recurrence of bankroll carefully.
Site datingtomarriage.com has all the intellectual property rights, assured by the website services. Therefore, it is disallowed to apply the brand, trademarks, copyrights or any extra intellectual property.
The membership on the dationtomarriage.com is chargeless, there is no subscription fee.
For apply the site svc you should complete the registration. After that your profile will be verified and you will be afford to delight the datingtomarriage.com svc.
Administration of this site may periodically conduct control over the posts, videos, audio recordings, words and messages to procure that all content complies of the claims of the datingtomarriage.com. The site doesn't allow: incest, graphic violence, pedophilia, obscene or illegal material, any kind of abuse.
The whole info that participants provided in the cellules to fill in a profile perceived and referred to as contact details.
Participant's info should be entered in the data cellules that match the name cellule. This refers to text cellules ("ABOUT ME" "ABOUT PARTNER" and so on). Also forbidden to transmit contact info in online chat comprised in the photographs, letters, texts, messages.
Your privacy is a peak presidency for us! Your personal info could not be sold from here and could be applied merely for the explicit manifest clear and legal juridical business assignment.
We follow established secured safety operations and processes to protect your personal info from anon illegal unauthorized admission by third personals.
Your part in liability for the maintenance supporting the solidity of your info to access the account - that is your prompt access count, user name and password.
Also You are answerable for the veracious straight correctness of your personal contact info.
In case if a participator of the datingtomarriage.com is a US citizen and wishes to make a query, for connection info of the dame on the site - he is beholden to plenum IMBRA document in concordance with the demands of US law and IMBRA requirements.
Entire info here is the estate of the Dating To Marriage company, our pards and participants. We assure utter copyright protection shield in the svc. Any info placed here by us, our pards or participators (can be insured or not), it is accepted as our or their property.
You give consent not to change or modify, metamorphose, replicate or entertain any of the info in any mode without the anterior expressly received special resolution from the proprietor of such info.
With the registration at the website datingtomarriage.com you declarate and state surety that you are the adult and at least 18 years old. By applying this website, you state pledge that you have the right, dominion and capability to enter into this Concord and comply with all limitations of this Concord. You state surety that you will not authorize another person to use your participantship, and you will not appropriate remittance your count to other person or object, facility or organization in any event.
The user is allowed to apply the svc of the datingtomarriage.com for non-mercantile objectives merely and provided her/ his strict abidance with the Regulations. The participant’s right to apply the svc could be limited in circumstances or innovations established by us occasionally, in our sole discretion. We have rights to reverse, vary, suspend or terminate any guise of the svc at any time, inclusive the approachability of any svc peculiarity, content or data bank. As well as we have a right to impose restrictions and limits on certain patterns, aspects, testimonial and features of the svc or terminate your access to some parts or all of the svc with absent notification and accountability, responsibility.
Regarding the Website you compliance that we will not be amenable for any detriment or deprivation that could happen seeing: - Any step or misstep, lapse or flaw did by you or your agent, whether authorized or unauthorized; - The participant’s apply, or inability to apply the website and/or it’s svc; - The participant’s words, letters, gifts to, messages, non-U.S. citizens contacts or offers and overtures to contact, no matter where you are in the USA or not or non-U.S. inhabitants are that moment; - Any review public or particular private info, either or no precise and just, or fraudful, represented or posted by any U.S. or non-U.S. inhabitant participant; - Lags, setbacks, inhibition, interrupt or breaking of the access or the website or it’s svc; - The collapse or fail, flop of deliver or fallacious broadcast, transmissions or delivery of info; - Incidents, occasions and events outward of our regulation and moderation, including but not restricted to any absence and privation of reconcilability and compatibility betwixt any U.S. and non-U.S. inhabitant participant; - Your insufficiency, collapse, inability or failing to pay us any convenient payments; - Any reactions, judgments or orders of judicial, administrative and other governmental bodies.
15. DISCLAIMER The Dating To Marriage company arranged partnership with Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian marriage agencies. And we announce that here at our site all women from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are the clients of local marriage agencies. We don’t have any personal touch with women you see at this site. The local marriage agencies are obliged to take a copy of a passport, to make an austere debriefing strict interview personally before posting her profile at datingtomarriage.com. Nevertheless we couldn’t assure yet every woman here is veritable, authentic and genuine. Tho' it is required from each partner marriage agency to accord and render the excellence solid quality svc, some of them could have a fiasco in providing excellence svc. Every woman is a unique personality with a unique life experience, emotions and minds which had formed her character and habits of behavior. Ergo women’s behavior couldn’t be predicted or assured and couldn’t be a base for the request and claiming a reimbursement and refund, restitution and recompense. For any discontentment of inbox letters, its attachments and inclosures, presently messages and chats, videos, photos or any deviance of woman's profile info neither money nor credits will be returned.
In case you have some problems with a specific lady please let us know her ID and we will investigate the situation and take required action effectively.
At any time, in our sole discretion, with or without notification, we have a right to block your profile, limit the access for some units or svc of the datingtomarriage.com temporarily or for perpetuity for any cause, inclusively, without restriction, breach of this Concord (Agreement). Without restriction and limiting the catholicity and generality of the anterior aforementioned, any knavish, defrauding, insulting, expletive, abusive, racist or otherwise unlawful activity, or that may otherwise reverberate the delight and gratification of the svc or the Internet by another persons may be the cause for blocking your access for some or all units and svc of the datingtomarriage.com at our sole discretion, and you may be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies
The company Dating To Marriage could modify this Agreement (Concord) periodically.