Community Rules

We strive to do our best in order to make the Community as comfortable and pleasant place as possible. We hope that you review the Rules of Community closely, as they are an indispensable part of the agreement you make with us. The presented Rules of Community form a set of recommendations and guidelines of your behavior so that the time you spend on our Site is positive ad maximum.


1. Fidelity and honesty


It is better if every User and Member stay truthful and open regarding what persons are they and don’t hide their true intents. Why? It will save time and nerves for both communicators. Also,we hope that the Users will give the descriptions of themselves precisely and veridically. This fact will let other Members who want to make acquaintance decide on their intents regarding each communicator.


2. Respect

Please respect private space of other people, their private picks, their time and advertency. This is an essential part of designing a secure and trustful community, so that goal are listed among the top priorities of the Site. You should use respectful information on this Platform and in the conversations you have with other people. The Team of our Site may check and restrain types of behavior violating the boundaries of the Community and its Terms.

It is prohibited to post content that can cause pain, traumas, to harass or threat the Community as a whole or any of its Members. It is not allowed to post content containing scenes of graphic violence, the content that can be considered abominable, indecent or harassing.

We strictly prohibit any displays of harassing behavior or abuse here.

This Community is created secure space full of mutual trust. Actions that imply abusing, harassing, exploitation or hatred towards others are forbidden. Please remember that if you want to build real relationship, you need to become merciful and benevolent towards other Users.

Also, if someone tries to manipulate or exploit other person’s insecurities or vulnerability for their personal gain, these acts are prohibited.

Other prohibited acts include: malicious remarks, dominance or type of actions that stirs hateful or violent attitude towards individual person or several persons based on who they are or what they believe in.

Respect Personal Space

From time to time, Members or Users of the Community may not reciprocate other person’s wish to connect or have a personal meeting, or they refuse to give their contact information. There are a lot of various people with various personal limits, so please stay respectful to yourself and other individuals.


3. Safety

Every Member and User is personally responsible for his/her security, thus they must never cause dander for otherpersons or themselves. We hope our Users to be mild and attentive.

We are strictly opposed to any tries of making fake accounts, dishonest actions, for example demands of financial aid, misrepresentations from other participants of this Site’s Community. We expend serious efforts to cease this way of behavior, however, it is the responsibility and obligation of members to act rationally and not let themselves deceived. In case you suppose any Member or User might proceed that way, do not hesitate to contact us about this issue quickly as possible and in details.


4. Sexual Content

We do not allow any sexually-explicit content or pornography here. Generally, nude images without sexual implication are allowed since they are sent in private conversations and in accordance with context of the conversation, but they are not allowed on those areas of the Site that are open to public view.


5. Prohibited topics for communication

Strictly forbidden to communicate on the material themes, themes of money, money transfer. Any mention of this or actions can be regarded as extortion.

It is forbidden to transfer bank account numbers, transfer numbers for receiving money, any data relating to the receipt of money from any of the participants in the dialogue, or from third parties. The site is not responsible for the consequences of such conversations between users.

If such topics were raised in online correspondence, the site, at its discretion, reserves the right to remove such users from the site without any compensation. In case of a dispute, and identifying customer communication on such topics, refunds will not be made.


6. Age limits

All participants of this Community must attain the age of discretion according to local legislation, that is 18 years old minimum, or any other legal age.


 7. Intellectual Property and Copyright

We deeply respect the intellectual property of other individuals. On this Site, it is forbidden to publish content that infringe the rights on intellectual property of another party.


Report Abuse

We are aiming at building a comfortable and complimental environment for the Members and Users of out Community and Site. We would be grateful if our Users assist us with it by sticking to the Rules and reporting the Support Team if something offends regulations of this Site or these CommunityRules, do not hesitate to get through to the Support as quickly as possible: support@datingtomarriage.com.

Jurisdiction of the company : United Kingdom
Company Address: DTM Group LLP: 85 Great Portland Street First Floor, London, W1W7LT, United Kingdom

Effective date:
August  12, 2017

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