This page will give you information on Cookies and how company ("we", "us", "our") apply Cookies and alike methods on our services thanks to this site ("Site") and the apps (which includes our accounts on SNS websites as well as various other platforms and apps for mobile devices), (together referred to as "Services"). In case you want to learn which information we collect using Cookies and alike methods, as well as how this info is applied, we ask you to review the terms of using Cookies in full. This terms of using Cookies is included into the terms of use and operation of this Site. The Privacy Policy would be the most appropriate for the given part of the Site rules.

What are Cookies files?

The files containing text that have tiny bits of apposite info are referred to as Cookies files, and in the majority of cases they can be downloaded to the Internet browsing device (for example, smartphone or laptop) means of a web browser when a user open a cookies-using website. As a rule, these files are identified by the websource that utilizes them or any site where the same type of files are being utilized.

Web beacons

This Site has several pages that may maintain electronic images also referred to as web beacons. Sometimes they are either called pixel tags or clear gifs). Generally, this type of files represents little images contained in an email you are reading or a page of a website you are viewing. In sum, the Cookies files and the beacons operate together to commit the functions designed to them and objectives declared in the terms of using the Cookies.

The device you are using connects to the global network and makes a request in order to receive an image from other computer or server; it is registered and then gives us the info, for example on the device’s IP address from where a request for the image has been made, or the exact time the user viewed the image, or the type of browser the user runs to see the image. It means that thanks to this approach users can be provided with info if an advertising newsletter or an informational email was clicked on and proceeded upon.

Where do we use Cookies files?

Cookies files perform a lot of various operations. They conform the website according to preliminarily selected choice, promote us learn how the website is utilized; they also let the user to see webpages effectively, as well as assist in improving the overall UX of Internet browsing. The cookies files can also assure that the ads you see on the net are corresponding to your preferences and interests.

Types of Cookies files we use

In general, those Cookies types utilized by the majority of websites on the Internet can be divided into the following subcategories: functional, analytic, essential, cookies for social media networks and sites, those cookies files used for Internet ads or for the prevention of frauds. Bearing in mind the goal to guarantee our users the improved experience of Internet browsing, in association with our third-party companions we are planning to utilize Cookies files of all of the above mentioned types. If you want to know more on which Cookies of every subcategory we utilize, learn the list of them below.

Functional type of Cookies

This type of Cookies offers us collecting selections you choose and helps the website to perform better and show better content to its users. It means that the Cookies files are utilized to recollect the name of the user, the language he/she selected or the country of choice; they can be used to recollect the adjustments you made in the texts, print and other sections of pages that youТve preliminarily adapted.

Analytical type of Cookies

This subcategory of Cookies files pick info while Visitors are browsing the site: pages they’ve seen the most, how they proceed from link to link, messages about errors they probably receive or not and from what pages in particular. Generally, these Cookies files give analytical information on whence the website operates and whence it can be improved.

Essential Cookies

The way every website operates with the browser of your device of choice is largely depends on this type of Cookies. They empower the visitors to implement safeguard verifications, lead them around the website and utilize its functions. If there are no these files, it is impossible to ensure the correct operation of the website and those services that you need at a proper level or at all.

Cookies files for social media

The website may contain pages that maintain enclosures allowing them to be connected to the providers of social media service, for example Facebook or Twitter, or different methods that allows the users to easily share the content and make the overall Internet-user experience better. In order to resolve the automated data interchange between the website and those service providers, it is required to apply an accordant option of the menu, a button, etc.

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