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Before using any materials, services or information from the web site datingtomarriage.com please read the following terms of use. Do not register or use the Site if You do not agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Use Agreement.
The sale of goods and services shall be conducted and regulated by the laws of the United Kingdom
This Use Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) concluded between the administration of the website (owner :  
1) Datingtomarriage.com is operated by DTM Group OU, under the laws of Estonia, registration Number is 16772704  and its registered address is at :  Estonia , Harju maakond,
Tallinn,Kesklinna linnaosa, Veskiposti tn 2-1002, 10138
2) DTM Group LLP: 85 Great Portland Street , First Floor, London, W1W7LT, United Kingdom
, hereinafter – Administration),  located at the domain name  uniteheart.com  (hereinafter, the Website), and the person who visited the page and have used at least one of the services provided through the website (hereinafter the User).

Address  : DTM Group OU: Estonia , Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Veskiposti tn 2-1002, 10138

DTM Group OU operates under the governing law of Estonia.

Company registration Nr: 16772704

Address  : DTM Group LLP: 85 Great Portland Street , First Floor, London, W1W7LT, United Kingdom
DTM Group LLP operates under the governing UK law.
This Agreement is a public offer of the Website datingtomarriage.com.
The registration of the User on the Website confirms his acceptance of this Agreement.
The registration of the User on the Website confirms that he is acquainted with the terms of paid services, provided for in the part 3 of this Agreement and on the page datingtomarriage.com/my/credits Site.
By purchasing a credit pack you accept our Terms and Conditions, Privacy PolicyRefund Policy .  Please read them carefully. 
Privacy Policy
Community Rules
Cookies Policy
Refund Policy
• The main purpose of the Website is to provide information services, ensuring the functioning of the Internet platform presentations and placements, searching, sharing information about Users, information that is maintained by the Administration to ensure the establishment of contacts (Dating) between Users. In the future through the platform can be provided both free and paid information and consulting services for Users related to the introduction of new features on the Website. 
• To apply the Use Agreement the User should pass the preliminary registration procedure on the server of Administration, which is to fill in the mandatory for entering the data fields of the registration form.
All personal data, images on photos and other data together form a User's Profile.
The Administration could not be held responsible for the completeness, correctness, actuality of the information provided by the User. 
• The User of the Website may be any natural person aged at least 18 years old. By registering on the Website the User confirms that the data of his age corresponds to the terms of this Agreement.
• After entering the data by the User, Administration of site checks and activates the User's profile. The Website Administration has the right to refuse the activation of a User's profile, if the entered data will be set false or fail to meet the terms of this Agreement.
• The User must have the necessary equipment that allows viewing and access to the Website on the Internet, email and the browser for viewing the Website. 
• The User obtains the services of the Website through the relevant web pages of the Website.
• Through the Website Users have the ability to place information about themselves in their Profiles, to use the information services of the Website that allow them to meet, chat with other Users using special communication channels, to view Users Pages, Database of Profiles using search criteria, etc. 
• Access to the services of the Website may be changed (extended or reduced) by the Administration. This also applies to adding/deleting services. This may be due to Users compliance with additional conditions in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement regarding specific services. 
• The User understands and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for applying placed information on the Website by the User or by third parties; and use of external resources, links which can be on the Website.
• Delivery of souvenirs and gifts is not carried out to the occupied territories of Ukraine/sanctioned regions.
• Registration on the Website is free.
• The Users have the opportunity to use free and paid services of the Website.
• Due to the nature of the Website Users are forbidden to place in open access on the Website (on the profile Page, online chat, User-posted photos, messages, etc) information that may indicate any possibility of direct contact with them (phone number, email address, contact information, instant messaging, etc).
• To ensure a high quality of service, are not permitted to use the Website, it's functionality and services in other purposes that are contrary to the object and nature of the Site, in particular, it is forbidden:
• distribution of pornographic materials;
• implementation of commercial and promotional activities;
• spam and unsolicited commercial information;
• the use of any action by which a person or entity that will use it will try to affect Users to harm them, the Administration or third parties;
• to publish on the Website any materials that violate Ukrainian and international law, good practice, principles and morality, insulting the honor, dignity or violate the personal rights of others.
• The Administration of the Site provides paid services to the Users listed on the page datingtomarriage.com/index.php/my/credits which is: 
• the translation of sent by the User messages, starting from the second message.
The Administration of the Site notes that since the fifteenth sent messages, the User has the right to receive the contact data of the person with whom he communicates, to continue further communication outside of the site;
• to send virtual gifts.
• The site Administration has the right to provide services personally or via third persons at their own discretion.
• Refund of funds to the Customer is possible only in the form of Credits on the website (each situation is considered individually). Based on the results of the outcome of the situation, a decision for refund is made. 
• The User is obligated to:
• Do not use the Website for downloading, sending, transmitting or any other way of publishing materials, documents and photos that are illegal, threatening, offending the morality and human dignity, containing rude and offensive expressions.
• Do not use the Website to upload, send, transfer or any other method of publication/transmission of materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended for violation, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs.
• To provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself during registration and to keep this information up to date.
• Immediately notify the Administration about any case of unauthorized (not permitted by the User) access with the username and password of the User and/or any other breach of security of the Website.
• To post pictures with the image of the User and/or third parties on the website only with the consent of the right holder and third parties depicted in the photographs.
• Not to publish in open access e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact information.
• Not to post at the Website any commercial advertising, commercial offers, promotional materials, transmit through the personal messages any spam, messages that require its transfer to one or more Users, pyramid schemes, network (multilevel) marketing and offer to take part in them, any other Intrusive information.
• Without the consent of company not to make transactions or offer to make transactions with other users concerning any goods, works or services, to use the Website for advertising purposes or illegal propaganda materials.
• The User acknowledges that materials posted on the Website may be accessible to other Internet users for whose actions the Administration is not responsible.
• The Administration has the right:
• To provide free and paid services to Users.
• To change the cost and types of services, the terms of their actions.
• To modify the Website at its own discretion.
• To make changes to this Agreement unilaterally.
• To suspend or cancel the User's registration and to deny him the applying of the Website in case User violates the terms of the Agreement.
• The Administrator reserves the right to refuse to consent the publication of the photos, which size more than 20 megabytes, if the image is poor quality or does not meet the conditions of publication on the Website.
• The Administration has the right, without notification, to remove content and User information, which do not meet the standards of the current legislation of Ukraine, and also has the right to deny the User the further access to the Website in the event User violates the terms of the Agreement, with the right to delete User's profile from the Website.
• To remove from its servers any information or materials which the Administration will be considered unwanted and/or that violate an Agreement or law.
• To transfer rights under this Agreement to third parties for the execution of the Agreement without the additional consent of the User.
• The Administration reserves the right to change the terms of the Agreement and all its integral parts at any time without any prior notification. A new version of the Agreement and/or any its integral part, the terms of which were changed, takes effect upon publication on the Website, if different commencement of such changes is not defined by the Administration in their publication. Actual (current) version of the Agreement and all its integral parts is always on the Website for public access page on the Website. 
• If the User continues to use the services of the Site after the publication of changes to the Agreement, it is assumed that the User thereby accepts changes to the terms.
• If the User does not accept changes to the Agreement, he should refrain from logging on to the Website and immediately inform the Administration about his decision. The notification of non-acceptance of changes to the terms of the Agreement entails removing the User's Profile.
• The Administration is not responsible for the content, authenticity or accuracy of any information and materials posted by Users on the Website, or information about the User, which is transmitted to other Users. 
The Administrator has no ability to verify this information for accuracy and compatibility with reality.
• The Administration is not responsible for the events that took place or can take place in the real world between Users that started the communication through the Website. 
• The Administration is not responsible for the consequences of Users communication outside of the Website with the chosen person.
• The Administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work of the Site, for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for problems with the computer from which the User has access to the Internet.
• The Administration is not responsible for any errors or delays in the work, during data transmission, also for the lack of quality communication, theft, destruction, alteration or unauthorized access to Users communications, that have arisen due to illegal actions of third parties.
• The Administration is not responsible for technical malfunctions and problems of any kind in the work of providers and servers (including mail ones), as well as computer equipment, slow Internet, the quality of public communication channels and interruptions in power grids, as well as data networks, through which access to the Service is made. 
The Administration is not responsible for any damages caused to the User and other consequences that have arisen in connection with the above circumstances.
• The Administration is not responsible for any violation by the User copyrights and other rights of third parties by posting any information and materials, inappropriate to the current legislation (including copyright), added by the User on the Website or transferred to the Administrator in any other way.
Content Monitoring Policy.
The user must understand that content monitoring is taking place. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to post any advertising information that has not been previously agreed with the administration. For distributing SPAM and commercial information, the management of the resource has the full right to block the user without explaining the additional reasons. The same situation and sanctions will be applied if the administrators notice the publication or distribution of pornographic materials or videos that contain violence.
The administration reserves the right to regulate access to the site. The user may receive both enhanced functionality and be blocked from the resource in case of non-compliance with the established rules. Any violations or other episodes may be handled by the management in an exceptional manner, and it shall issue the appropriate verdict.
• Complaint Policy
The customer has the right to file a complaint or ask a question to site support for any reason. Each such request to tech support will be reviewed and responded to as quickly as possible. 
The customer has the right to file a complaint or ask a question to the website support team for any reason. Each such request to tech support will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible.
You can find the support form at the top of this page.
You can also email: support@datingtomarriage.com
• By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User agrees that all intellectual property rights (copyrights) for the information published by the Administration on the Website, as well as on the Website database, belong exclusively and in full to the Administration.
• The Users are not allowed to copy, distribute, place on other Internet resources or in the media, any information placed on the Site or part thereof, the database of the Site or it's part, any objects of intellectual property rights (copyrights). All names, trademarks, symbols and slogans, registered in the prescribed manner, are the property of their legal owners. The issue of protection of the intellectual property of the Administration for the Site and other content of the Site is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. 
• The Administration is released from liability for the complete or partial non-fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement if such non-compliance is the result of force majeure, that is extraordinary and inevitable Parties under these circumstances, including riots, prohibitive authorities actions, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes and other force majeure, as well as: interruptions in power supply, global interruptions in the work of Ukrainian and international segments of the Internet; the crashes of routing systems; crashes in the distributed domain name system, crashes caused by hackers and DOS-Attacks, as well as other illegal actions of third parties;
• The Administration undertakes, in that case if it is technically possible, by e-mail and (or) by posting on the home page of the Website to inform the Users about the existence of force majeure within 7 (seven) days after the occurrence thereof.
• If the occurrence of the relevant force majeure directly affected the performance of the Administration obligations within the period prescribed in the Agreement, this period is extended proportionately for the duration of the relevant circumstances.
• If the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations under the Agreement would last for more than 3 (three) months, the Agreement is considered terminated without any refund.
•      Safety Tips

To ensure a safe and respectful environment for all users, please read the following carefully:
Prostitution and Human Trafficking: Any engagement, promotion, or facilitation of prostitution, human trafficking or sex trafficking is strictly prohibited on this platform. We do not tolerate any form of exploitation, and any user found in violation of this policy will be immediately banned. Users are prohibited from uploading, sharing, or promoting content that involves or supports prostitution, human trafficking, or any related illegal activities. Users are responsible for the content they post and the activities they engage in on our website. Any suspicious or illegal activities should be reported to our support team immediately. Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to online conduct, including laws addressing prostitution, human trafficking and sex trafficking. Any violation may result in legal action. We will inform and fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities and other relevant agencies in the investigation and prosecution of any illegal activities related to prostitution and human trafficking.

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733 | www.humantraffickinghotline.org

 By providing us his personal information, the User agrees to the processing of his personal information, namely: its collection, storage, adaptation, updating and usage for the purpose of distributing thematic emailings and other information related to the activity of the website.
The User confirms and warrants that User's right to transfer the Administration of the above personal data is not restricts or violates the rights of subjects of personal data and third parties.
DTM Group LLP: 85 Great Portland Street First Floor, London, W1W7LT, United Kingdom
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