Terms and Conditions

It is well known that Slavic ladies are perfect for marriage, so, on our website, you will always find a full and reliable catalog of profiles of women who want to get to know foreigners. However, to meet someone online, it is necessary to confirm you agree with the terms specified.

Before using any materials, data or services provided by our web portal, read the applicable terms carefully.  If you are not satisfied with them, do not complete the registration and leave the website.

The presented Liability Agreement is concluded between the administration of the web portal on this link and the user visiting the resource or using the services provided.

The registration automatically implies that the user has read the presented information and is obliged to comply with the provisions, including those concerning paid services described in the agreement concluded.

Company address:DTM Group LLP: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, W1W7LT, London, United Kingdom

This Agreement is a public offer of datingtomarriage.com.

Registration of the User on the Website confirms his accession to this Agreement.

 Agreement includes these Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Community Rules , Refund Policy , and any applicable payment, renewal, or other terms that are communicated to You when necessary during use of Site and Services.

Terms of Using the Service

  1. The key objective of the web resource is to provide data, create the necessary conditions for posting presentations and their functioning, and share the information about clients. It is also the allocation of the information that will help the users make contact with each other. Dating online may become chargeable in the future. More details will be published on the resource after implementing new functions.
  2. To apply the Agreement, the client goes through the registration procedure and fills in all the forms that are necessary at the early stage of the cooperation. All the data provided by the person are posted in its personal profile. With it, the resource administration shall not be liable for any data specified and for their reliability and relevance.
  3. Any physical entity over the age of 18 can register on the web portal. So, when registering here, the user confirms that he is an adult.
  4. After the user specifies his data, the resource administrators must check them and help activate the profile. With it, the workers have all rights to deny the registration of the provided data that seem to be doubtful or misleading. Also, it is impossible to create an account if all the field have not been filled or the presented information contradicts the website policy. In such cases, it is impossible to meet girls online.
  5. The registered user must have the gadgets that gain an opportunity to look through the information and have a stable Internet access to receive the necessary data. The web portal provides its services on the corresponding web pages.
  6. In their profiles on the web portal, the registered users can post their personal data. Also, they have a right to take advantage of those services that give an opportunity to communicate with other users, meet them, look through pages, text, and use the search criteria. If you do not know how to meet a girl, our service is exactly what you need in such a situation.
  7. The administration has a right to regulate access to the website. The user can gain an access to enhanced functions, as well as be blocked on the resource if the established rules are not followed. Any violations or other scenarios may be considered by the management under exceptional circumstances; then, it renders its verdict.
  8. The registered user agrees that the administration of the web portal shall not be liable for the data posted in personal profiles. Also, the management is not responsible for the provided links or advertisements on the website.

Terms of Users’ Participation

  1. The registration of the web portal is free. Thanks to this, it is much easier to meet girls online.
  2. All clients have a right to use the paid services of the resource, as well as the functions provided for free.
  3. On the resource, it is forbidden to specify any data that would let the users make contact with each other in any way except our platform. This is primarily done for safety reasons, as we take care of our clients. The email address specified when the user registers is visible only to the administration.
  4. To ensure the stable quality of the provided services, it is forbidden to use the web portal and its functions for purposes contradicting the rules specified. Any act against the main resource’s objectives is considered to counter its interests.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to post any advertising information that has not been agreed with the administration. If the users disseminate spam messages or any commercial data, the resource has a full right to block the users without explaining the reason. The same sanction will be applied if the administration notices that the user posts and disseminates any obscene or abuse materials.
  6. It is forbidden to perform any acts that may have an impact on the registered users in a direct or indirect way (for example, blackmailing) or harm them mentally or physically. The same situation is an infringement of the administration or third persons’ rights.
  7. It is forbidden to post the information that violates the law of Ukraine or international organizations or undermines human dignity; the nature of data (race, religion) does not matter.
  8. Any kind of insult to human dignity, rude statements, swear words or aggression against the interlocutor are strictly prohibited on the site. The request to behave in correspondence correctly and with respect towards the interlocutor.   

    For violation of these rules, the Administration has the right to remove the profile from the site’s resources without the possibility of recovery.

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Features of Paid Services

Our web resource also provides paid resources that you can see in the corresponding section. It should be noted that set minimum prices in this market segment. When cooperating with professionals, you can be confident in the quality and security of the service. A fee is charged for delivering virtual gifts.

As for the personal data, the users deliver them only after sending the 15th letter when chatting with each other. The payback is possible only as a credit within our resource. With it, it is important to note that there is an individual approach, which lets make an expedient and compromise decision. Due to this, it is very easy to find a wife.

Parties’ Rights and Responsibilities

The dating site offers the most thoughtful terms for cooperation, due to which every user can feel comfortable and find his soulmate.
For his part, the client is obliged:

  1. Not to post or share files and documents violate moral principles and laws or undermine the person’s dignity. Not to use rude or obscene words. Any contradictions may become a reason for blocking the client.
  2. Not to use our web portal as a platform for distributing computer viruses or other destructive programs interfering with work, removal or illegal use of any files.
  3. To post the relevant and reliable information about himself and update it regularly if necessary.
  4. To contact the administration in case of the unauthorized access to his account or if noticing any suspicious activity. The workers are obliged to respond to such messages and take the necessary set of measures. The new dating site is aimed at the productive cooperation, which is profitable for each of the parties.
  5. Not to post pictures of the third persons who have not given their consent to this. Otherwise, the website does not take claims from victims.
  6. Not to make any contacts publicly available (precise address, email address, mobile phone number, links to social networks).
  7. Not to post commercial announcements, advertisements or spam messages. If such information is detected by the administration, it has a right to block an account without explaining the reason for this.
  8. Not to make deals within the platform if no advance agreement with the administration has been formed. This point concerns absolutely all products and services. The same is with publishing propaganda materials and data calling for violence or unconstitutional overthrow of the regimes.
  9. The registered user agrees that the data he provides can be viewed by other users of the web resource. The administration accepts no additional liability for this.

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In turn, our resource administration has the following right:

  1. To provide the users with free and paid services.
  2. To adjust the value and price policy of the resource.
  3. The change the web portal at its own discretion but not to notify the users about the changes in advance.
  4. To make any changes in the presented Agreement and not to notify the users about this in advance.
  5. To take measures to prevent the user from registering or even refuse him do this at all if he violates the policy of the Agreement.
  6. The management of the web portal has a right to refuse accepting pictures if they are over 20MB or, on the contrary, do not satisfy the resource’s requirements or of bad quality. Also, the picture is deleted and the account is blocked if the picture violated the law or the terms of the Agreement.
  7. The administration has a right to delete any data that violate Ukrainian laws or international conventions. Moreover, the user may be blocked for disseminating such data. Online dating with us is always security and care for every client.
  8. The management has a right to delete any data that are considered to be unfavorable or offensive. With it, it does not notify the user about this in advance.
  9. To transfer the corresponding rights specified in the Agreement to third persons without the prior consent of the clients.
  10. The administration has a right to make changes at any point at any time without the client’s prior consent. The changed version of the Agreement comes into effect only after it is published on the corresponding page (if other terms are not specified). The relevant version can be traditionally found in the specified section and is accessible to the clients at any time of the day or night.
  11. If the client continues using the web portal after new changes come into effect, he agrees with the Agreement and all new points.
  12. If any changes in the Agreement violate the user’s principles, he must leave the web resource immediately and notify the administration of our company about this. This means that the user’s account is blocked and all his contacts specified are deactivated.

This approach will help chat with girls right after the registration. We will create all the conditions for you to improve your private life without worrying about any additional problems.

Exemption from Liability and Obligations

  1. The administration of our company shall not be liable for any data presented in the users’ profiles. All of them are filled by the users themselves, can not match the reality or present incomplete information. The management has no opportunity to check the reliability of the presented data and to be confident in their authenticity.
  2. The administrators bear no liability for events happening in reality.
  3. The company workers bear no liability for the consequences of users’ meetings outside the platform.
  4. The administrators bear no liability for possible faults of the recourse of lack of access to it if the user has any problems with his computer or other gadgets. However, for their part, the professionals are obliged to do their best to restore the stable functioning of the web portal.
  5. A lack of constant and stable connection is also not an infringement of the managers who are not able to motor such technical errors. If this is caused by the third persons, the management is also not able to counteract such attacks but will do its best to protect the users’ rights.
  6. The administration is not guilty of any technical faults on the servers and is not required to compensate the registered clients for moral and financial expenditures the users have had. We create only conditions for meeting girls with photos but the reliability of the picture posted by the users.
  7. The management of our company shall not be liable for the copyright violation authorized by the users themselves (for example, publishing of other people’s pictures).

All the issues are regulated by the Ukrainian legislation. If necessary, the managers tell about this in detail during the user’s registration.

Right of Ownership

  1. When concluding the contract with our company and registering, the user automatically consents that the presented intellectual property is owned by the web portal and company now. The administration has a right to dispose of this in any way that does not violate the law.
  2. The clients have no right to copy, disseminate or publish the data specified by him during the registration on our website. All such situations are controlled by the Ukrainian legislation. Moreover, the website administration has a right to charge a fee if a logo or other brand signs are used on third resources without the corresponding consent.

Dating for marriage here is a real chance to find your soulmate within a very short time. It is well known that Slavic girls can love and are devoted wives, so, if contacting us, you gain an opportunity to find your helpmeet without making effort.

Possible Force Majeure and their Regulation

  1. The administration bears no liability if it violates the rules specified in this Agreement but only if this was caused by any force majeure. It includes mass unrests, natural disasters, electrical faults, system accidents, hacker attacks or other illegal actions of third persons. It should be also noted that the data can be transferred to law enforcement officials in the manner established by the legislation.
  2. The management is obliged to notify the registered users about such e=unexpected situations within 8 years after something has happened (if it is technically possible).
  3. If it is impossible to comply with the Agreement for a long period of time (for 3 months and more), it declines in importance and is not valid anymore. With it, any compensation is impossible.

Every situation is individual and can be discussed personally. Our company focuses on long-term and productive cooperation. That is why we offer the best terms in this market segment. The simple approach will ensure the simple integration into the platform. Then, you can look for your soulmate at any time of the day or night and our workers are always ready to help you. They will answer all your questions and consult you on ambiguous situations.

Personal Data

The fact that the user provides his personal data means that he consents to its processing and publication on the resource. Also, he will receive themed letters associated with the profile direction of our company’s activity.

The user confirms that the data shared do not restrict his rights and comply with the third persons’ requirements.

So, the presented Agreement will become a foundation of future mutual cooperation, for which our company management and registered girls hope here.

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