Refund Policy

The given Policy is imprescriptible element of Datingtomarriage Site and Services regulations. This Policy postulates the way the return of funds may be featured. www.datingtomarriage.com ("Site") falls back on on the Refund Policy in order to guarantee its Clients gratification with each of their procurement. It is possible to alter it ever and anon and to make any alterations there to efficient beyond the publication on the Site. Your proceeding applying of the Site and Services after suchlike action shall attest indisputable admission of revised and new version of the presented Policy of return of funds.

As a rule, if there has been a misstep, improper operation or any disfunction during our website’s work or in case of fraudful misuse of the way you proceed your payment, the setup of the site do not allow to make a return of the funds spent after the services were introduced.

In case you have experienced the fact that the provided services have been in any way ambiguous, feel free to appeal to team od customers support with your considerations for confirming a returning of funds at the latest 3 (three) calendar days post the problem incident. Please note, that your request must by all means contain the testimony as well as the interpretations regarding the problem, and also a copy of your detailed User–Ęs information of registration. In case these pieces of information are not enclosed, it will be impossible for us to provide you with the necessary assistance. Details of your user registration are sent to you after the moment you have joined our Site.

In case your interpellation is valid, it is possible for you to require for refund in the form of Credits only.

Return of money funds. Please note! In case you want to request a return of money funds, it is possible to do it only in case if the amount of Credits that you have deposited at your acc. has stayed untouched after the transaction has been made successfully. It means that you didn’t take a use of any amount of Credits from them. 

In case of removing your profile from the site (under any circumstances, that is voluntarily, or by the administration of the site for violating the rules of the site), the return of unused remaining credits is not possible as well as return of all credits spent on the site. 

Support Specialists Team: support@datingtomarriage.com

Date of entry:
August 12th, 2018

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